Awakening the Dancer Drop in class

Catherine Dunne

Location: Cork City
Venue: The Olympic Karate Club, Shandon St. Cork
Cost: €15 or what you can afford

Dates & Times: Sunday 14 Apr 2019 to 14 Apr 2019  11:00 - 13:00

These classes are a great opportunity to dance, to get a taste of the practices of Movement Medicine and to be in wonderful company supported by the music some guidance and one another. This is an opportunity to connect with your own body, heart, mind and the creative life force that is uniquely yours. Tune in to what is moving in you and how your own creative life force wants to move. 

In these full on times dance is one way to take some time out from the busyness,  give your body heart and mind some time and space to move whatever is wanting to move and to connect to some resources. All of this takes place with the support of good music and in good company. I hope you can join us whether it's your first time dancing or your millionth, all are welcome.