Reconnecting to the wisdom of the moving body @ Conscious Movement Conference

Petra Bongartz

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape
Venue: The Source, 11 Townsend Avenue, Cape Town, Western Cape
Cost: R575 drop in/R850 day pass/ R1399 three day package

Dates & Times: 23 Feb 2020 to 23 Feb 2020  11:00 - 13:00

Come discover the medicine of your movement at the 2020 Conscious Movement Conference at The Source! Join for one session or combine it with exploring other movement modalities for 1-3 days.

“This is your body, your greatest gift, pregnant with wisdom you do not hear, grief you thought was forgotten, and joy you have never known.” (Marion Woodman)

Movement Medicine is a movement meditation practice that supports you to feel more alive, connected and resourced in your life. Bringing together the wisdom of many different traditions and practices including dance, neuroscience, shamanism and constellations work, it is deeply rooted in our connection to the natural world and the elements. It empowers you to ‘be who you are’ and ‘give what you’ve got’

Through engaging body, heart and mind together in movement, we are able to access a different kind of intelligence from the one we generally use- a more holistic and connected understanding of the world and ourselves. In the dance, we re-member ourselves as creative, choiceful and interconnected beings. We practice moving with all that life brings. Movement Medicine is a journey of discovery and an enquiry into how to be fully alive: Who are we and what is our purpose? How can we live our fullest potential and create the life we dream of?

There are no steps to learn- we simply tap into the life force that moves through all of us and that knows how to move.  Supported by inspiring music and words you are guided to discover your own unique dance of self-expression in a friendly, safe, non-judgmental welcoming atmosphere, no matter what your age, background, dance experience, appearance etc.

In this mini-workshop, you will

  • Learn how to awaken the dancer inside of you
  • Expand your freedom of expression
  • Connect with the energy and support of the elements inside and around you
  • Strengthen the integrity of your boundaries and meet life from the centre of your own circle, a place of resource, strength and choice
  • Explore and deepen the authentic connection to yourself, others and community

Come discover the medicine of your movement!

No previous experience is required. This practice is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, size, fitness, background etc