Equinox and Peace Day Ceremony

Petra Bongartz

Location: Online
Venue: online
Cost: R200/£15/€15/$18

Dates & Times: 21 Sep 2020 to 21 Sep 2020  18:30 - 20:30

On International Peace Day which is also the eve of the Equinox, we take time to dance our prayers and gather support for our hopes, intentions and vision for the world we wish to co-create.

This is an opportunity to listen deeply to our hearts, to sense what it is we long to bring forth into the world, to gather resources and support and find the next steps to embody our vision. We do this for ourselves, those we are connected to, and life on Earth. Ceremony means making sacred space for ourselves and what matters to us. It is a way of approaching ourselves and the life we have been given with reverence, curiosity and an openness to experiencing ourselves beyond our day to day habits.

Given that it is International Peace Day, we will move with an awareness of the different dimensions and dynamics of peace in our relationships. This is a chance to enquire what might be needed from us to bring forth balance ,integrity and fulfilment so that we can support our prayers with concrete steps. Doing this online via zoom means we are also able to bridge the Southern and Northern hemispheres- so while for some us this will be heralding Spring, others will be moving into Autumn. This brings a beautiful aspect of balance and meeting on the thresholds of the seasons to our evening.

In this ceremonial space you will be invited to dance through the Movement Medicine map’s five dimensions of relationship: Relationship
1) to self
2) to others (one to one relationships)
3) to the communities we are part of/connected to
4) to our ancestors and descendants and
5) to spirit/the divine or whatever name you choose for this

We will start the ceremony together in circle to meet each other. Then you will be guided with some simple practices to prepare your body, heart and mind and weave a strong container for us all. From there, we will spend some time in each of the dimensions, with simple invitations and plenty of space for you to dance your prayers. At the end, we come together again to connect and share before closing the ceremonial space.

This event is a FUNDRAISER- all proceeds will go to supporting vulnerable community in South Africa. The Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown have made the already challenging lives of those living in poverty even more challenging, with many people losing work, not having food to feed their families and struggling to survive.

COST: Suggested minimum donation is: ZAR 200 / £15 / €15 / $18 but please give more if you can. If your current circumstances mean that donating this amount is out of reach, please contact me - money will not be a barrier to your participation.

REGISTRATION: Please email movingintoconnection@outlook.com or whatsapp 00447816640248 to receive details of how to make your donation and the information you will need to join the ceremony on zoom.

PLEASE NOTE: Places are limited to enable connection and create an intimate and safe setting for everyone. Some experience of Movement Medicine or other intentional movement/conscious dance practices is helpful. Contact me if you have questions.