Movement Medicine with Shivani - Lisboa

Shivani Soares

Location: Lisboa
Venue: Art Kaizen, Rua do Açúcar Nº52, 1950-009 Lisboa
Cost: 20-15€

Dates & Times: Friday 20 Dec 2019 to 20 Dec 2019  20:00 - 22:00

Come and join us in our Movement Medicine monthly sessions in Lisbon, in the beautiful and spacious venue of Art Kaizen!

Movement Medicine is about the dance: because you love to move, because it releases and brings you back to that sheer joy of being alive, because it is a practice...where each time you come back to who you are.
Here, you are YOU, and are invited to discover and expand more of your unique dance.
You dance deep inside your heart, allowing yourself to feel and express what is there, bringing into creation what is moving inside of you. 

Movement Medicine is healing, transformational, a safely held space and an opportunity to be with yourself, as yourself, with others, in community.
An opportunity to get out of repetitive stories and patterns in the body-mind, and unlock stale energy, giving it back to the natural flow of life.
To unveil and keep unfolding the dance of who you are, moment by moment. Aware, Embodied, Connected, Real.

No steps to learn, no right or wrong.
Everything and everyone is welcomed in the dance. All ages, genders and experiences.

The session will be guided in Portuguese and/or English depending on the needs of the group.

Being, woman, dancer who loves to dance and explore the potential of life as movement. This led her to study dance in Escola Superior de Dança, contact improvisation, fascia therapy, and to an MA in Dance / Movement Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths' College, in London, to 5 Rhythms and to Movement Medicine (UK), which she's been practicing since 2010 having followed the MM training and qualified as an Apprentice Teacher in 2016.
Her thirst for self-discovery has taken her to many countries, spiritual practices and masters, namely Mooji and Ganga Mira.
Besides this, she is trained in Medicine and also holds qualification in photography.