Ceremony : sacred Cacao and Movement Medicine

Rani Valerie Chatel

Location: Brussels
Venue: Dojo du Brochet
Cost: 60€

Dates & Times: 21 Jun 2020 to 21 Jun 2020  14:00 - 18:00

There is a open space to explore the Sacred Cacao as medicine, we will meditate to welcome the medicine within our body and let our heart feel it. Being on this journey we will be guided through Movement Medicine practice to let our heart open and let our soul dance through the music and movement, we will dancing this sacred time together with self, others and the community supported by our roots.

Website : https://valeriechatel.com/particuliers/seance-collective/movement-medicine-3/

Informations et subscription : contact@human-essence.com

Phone : +32 485 700700
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