Drop In Class

Catherine Wright

Location: Online
Venue: Online
Cost: Free

Dates & Times: Friday 27 Mar 2020 to 04 Dec 2020  15:00 - 16:30

Drop in
Meet other dancers
Give it all back to the dance

Some people have (very kindly) asked for bank details so that they can make a donation for the class.  In a few weeks I will definitely, with much much gratitude, take up that offer.  In the meantime I am offering the sessions completely freely for two reasons:

1. I am on such a steep learning curve I should be paying YOU!!

2. I feel so grateful for my privilege in this time of 'lockdown'.  A garden, woods nearby to walk in, work that CAN be put online.... and a partner from whom I can get real time hugs.  I have a sense of wanting to offer from that sense of abundance.  I think about many groups of people... and wonder about that "paying forward" sort of thing.  I am not sure how to reach out to
people in troubled violent homes
people with no homes
people who are mentally or physically unwell
But some of you, I know, work with people who fall into these categories and others. 

So, with love, from my home to yours.....