Learn to Chanting and Singing Circles 4 Module Training

Yasia Leiserach

Location: South County Dublin
Venue: Gorse Hill, Bray
Cost: €650

Dates & Times: 21 Mar 2020 to 13 Sep 2020  10:00 - 18:00

I am very excigted to be offering this training again for 2020. This is a 4 module Learn to Lead chant and singing circles to develop your skills as a leader/ holder of chant and singing groups. You do not need to be a singer or a muscian to particapte.  Full information below.

This is a 4 module training to develop your skills as a leader of chanting and singing circles. Module 4 ADVANCED for students who completed Modules 1-3 either on this training or the previous 2019 training :

Module 1 FOUNDATION MODULE OPEN TO ALL. Module 1 is time to reclaim, develop and deepen your connection to your authentic voice and is a pre-requisite for Module 2 and 3. The second and third module include specific teachings on rhythm, the power of authentic embodied voice and practicums in leading groups in simple call and response chants and songs from around the world. The training consists of three weekends plus a 2 afternoon sessions between the Module 1 and 2, these 2 afternoon sessions are for supporting you in building a regular voice practice and are a required to complete the course. The final Module is an advanced module 4 for those who wish to deepen their practise (more info below)

This is a non judgemental approach to singing and offering space for others to sing, you do not need musical training or experience to join this course, just a love of sharing songs/ chants and a wish to provide spaces for others to sing freely.

For full outline of course scroll down:

Dates of Module 1, 2 and 3 at to be held in Gorse Hill
10.30-5pm Sat and Sun
March 21/22
May 23/24
June 13/14
ADVANCED module 4
12/13 September

Dates of two afternoon voicework sessions to be held in Macha Yoga Studio:
Sunday 19 April 2-4pm
Sunday 10 May 2-4pm

3 Weekend modules Sat / Sun 10.30-5pm
2 x afternoon Sunday sessions 2-4pm, 19 April and 10 May
Please ensure you can attend all the sessions.

Cost: For the three Modules
€550/ €500 EB €100 non transferable/ non refundable deposit by 31st Jan 2020
Total course fee to be paid by the first weekend of the course on 21st March
Cost for Module 4 Standalone Module - €150.00

To book and for more information:
pm: yasialeiserach
phone: 00 353 831227282

Outline of the course below:

Module 1 (open to all)

This first weekend is about reclaiming the power of your voice, this foundational weekend of the course is for you to develop and deepen your relationship with your voice, both singing and speaking voice and is the basic building block to learning to lead. The content in this foundational weekend of course is to support an ongoing personal journey with your voice, to enable you to hold singing circles with confidence and develop your singing practice. This content is not for you to go out and teach others, but more a space to develop deep trust in your own authentic voice. This is a pre-requisite for the rest of the course.

It will involve improvisation, somatic voice work and movement

This module is open to all, after this the next two modules will be a closed group for those wishing to learn how to lead songs and chants.

Module 2

Working with repetition, and the basics of rhythm and breath. We will have practice sessions with percussion and with a professional drummer either in this module or Module 3 depending on what serves the group best- in order to understand the basic principles of working with rhythm and the importance of holding the pulse when leading a group.

Module 3

Working with devotional chants and call and response chants from around the world. Deepening the practice of accessing your authentic Voice and using it as a vehicle for giving others permission to do the same.
Graduation Ceremony at the end of Module 3

Module 4 - ADVANCED  weekend 12/13 September for those who have competed 1,2,3 Modules: A more in depth study of Bhakti Yoga with some basics of Sanskrit pronouciation, Introduction to Harmonium , plus chant Leading practicums.

Weekends will be non-residential, taught in the beautiful Gorse Hill, Cliff Road, Windgates Timings: 10.30am -5pm Saturday and Sunday

Two Sunday afternoon sessions will be in Macha Yoga Studio, Florence Terrace, Florence Road, Bray
Please ensure you can attend all the sessions.

Cost: Module 1-3 €550/ €500 EB €100 non transferable/ non refundable deposit by 31st Jan 2020
Module 4 €150 stand alone

To book and for more information:
pm: yasialeiserach
phone: 00 353 831227282