Honouring the Animal

Ali Young

Location: Kensington, London
Venue: The College of Psychic Studies
Cost: £105

Dates & Times: 23 Nov 2019 to 23 Nov 2019  10:00 - 17:00

Dancing with our animal being. 

We tend to have a way of thinking about and approaching the world that is systematically creating more and more separation between us and the natural world.

Part of this is the idea that humans are somehow not really animals, but exist in their own little elevated bubble.

Within a shamanic framework, we are indeed all animals, with animal gifts and sensitivities, which is why indigenous cultures often subscribe to the idea that we each have our power represented by energy from within the natural world.

Learning to release fear through shaking like an animal does when it has had a fright, can change our relationship with anxiety. Roaring like a lioness to protect what we value, or surrendering to the tides like a fish, are all examples of medicines that can help bring us back into balance with the natural world.

This workshop will focus on two things. We will spend some time dancing with the energies of fear, the instinctive energy designed to alert us to danger. 

With anger, the state that enables us to stand in our own circle and do what we need to protect that which is precious to us. 

With grief, as an energy of surrendering.

With joy, as our gift for celebration and gratitude and with the compassion that can flow when we simply allow our animal natures to be what they are.

We will also journey in order to find an animal, bird, or other creature who wishes to come into our life at this time as an ally, to assist and strengthen us in whatever way is appropriate.