Dancing the Mandala online series

Benjamin Tree

09-01-2021 every 2 weeks on Saturday to 01-05-2021

Online, England

Contact details:
Email: Benjamin Tree
Mobile: 07969 042396
Website: www.listen-within..co.uk

The Movement Medicine Mandala is central to this practice and has 21 stations or aspects to it that all reflect a different part of life and creation.

Beginning in 2021 I'll continue my 'Dancing the Mandala' series online.

You can listen and dance to the previous dances here:


In first quarter dances we'll be completing the journey through the Mandala started in 2020. All dances are held at 10am UK time bi-weekly on Saturdays and last 2 hours 15 minites :

FULFILLMENT - 9 Jan 2021


REALISATION - 6 Feb 2021

SELF - 20 Feb 2021

OTHER - 6 Mar 2021

COMMUNITY - 20 Mar 2021

ANCESTORS - 3 Apr 2021

SOURCE - 17 Apr 2021

PHOENIX - 1 May 2021

You are invited to dance from home via Zoom.

You can find out more about each event and book your place here:


The joining link will be sent once you've signed up.


This is a space to let your body, heart and mind lead you in movement. Expressing anything that needs to be expressed in the dance as well as resourcing and nourishing yourself in community.

We begin with one of the fundamental practices of Movement Medicine called 'Awakening The Dancer'.

To awaken the dancer involves bringing awareness and attention through movement, to our body, heart, and mind. It is a very simple yet profound practice. Essentially the practice is bringing our consciousness into our body, by being aware of our moving body.

This is a very simple yet profound practice and all are welcome regardless of experience or ability. This is not about dancing or looking a certain way, it's about letting your body guide you and giving your mind a break.

There is simple guided facilitation and plenty of word-free time for you to journey with whatever's moving for you.

We will be moving and dancing for an hour and a half and there will be a good spacious time for integration at the end of the session as well as an optional sharing circle at the end.

I look forward to sharing this work with you, to meeting you where you are, bridging into your homes and supporting you to connect to the medicine and resources that are most beneficial for you at this time.

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