Christian de Sousa

02-07-2020 every month on Thursday to 19-12-2024
20:00 to 22:00


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Transmission is a monthly live-stream radio broadcast for conscious dancers and anyone else who loves to journey with music. I DJ and weave together many threads of musical medicine, with a layer of occasional microphone flow to offer signposts through the sound.


1st Thursday of every month at 20hr UK time,
for 2 hours


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The purpose of Transmission is to send out a musical radio signal which anyone can tune into and use as soul medicine. You can receive it whilst dancing, moving your body, you can listen whilst sitting or lying down, you can receive the signal while getting creative, while walking… or you can follow any other journeying way that you use. Tuning in alone or with others either physically or digitally all possible too.

Transmission Guidelines:
1. Decent speakers or headphones recommended.
2. Dance, move, sit, lie back, walk, get creative, hang out with others - or find your own way to immerse and ride the radio waves.
3. Start at the beginning and take the whole journey for the full effect - but feel free to dip in for a while if that’s what’s in your flow. 
4. Take responsibility for your own experience, safety and well-being. 
5. All welcome and all contributions gratefully received.
If you want to create a conscious container for the experience, whatever the form of that, it will probably support your experience. Setting up a dancing space and/or lighting a candle to start and extinguishing it to end, are two simple ways to ritualise that.
Tune in... and receive the medicine....
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