What people say

"Petra is a creative and encouraging guide who facilitates with warmth and sensitivity. I have joined her for several sessions and can recommend her to anyone seeking to experience a deeper connection with oneself and others." (Nicki Friedlein, Yoga Teacher & Creative Communications Designer)

"Always a beautifully held and deeply moving class that allows me to let go of the day/week and tap into the wisdom of my body. Petra is truly gifted in offering this as her Work." (Chris Breen, Executive Leadership Programme Leader, Coach, Speaker, BioDanza Facilitator)

"I participated in Petra's Transitions 2019 workshop... This was very out of comfort zone for me, but the weekend of dance, reflection and sharing with a wonderful group of people, and the superb leading by Petra, was a mind- and body-shifting experience. The creative juices are flowing in ways that would not have been possible without this Movement Medicine experience. Thank you, Petra. I am on my way to flying my kite up high into 2019!" (Tina James, Transitions participant 2019)

"Petra holds a beautiful safe space which is woven together with clarity, a wide allowing of whatever is and arises, and an encouraging soft feminine quality. She creates a deeply nurturing, wide ground of love and compassion for each participant and their process. Her spaces are firmly held, yet never too tight, leaving all the freedom for personal process and what that may need." (Hanna, MM Apprentice)

"A huge heartfelt thank you for facilitating the Transitions workshop so beautifully. I hadn’t taken the time to reflect on the year that was nor made intentions for the new year; and in the dance so much become clear and I could run the messages through my body. And my body knows the truth - when something feels good I know I’m on the right path. A very unexpected message came through while dancing and that realization gave me such an enormous sense of space in my body that I instantly knew that I had to honour that and adjust my path. So Transitions changed my plans for 2018 for the better and I’m deeply grateful for that." (Meret Storck-Matchett, Body Intelligence Teacher & Studio Owner)


"Transitions was such an extraordinary way to start a new year, setting intentions, moving through processes through dance and what ended up being the beginning of an incredibly beautiful year of Sacred Feminine Healing. Petra held the space with exquisite beauty and grace and I'm deeply grateful." (Tina Bester, Transitions participant 2018)

"Petra holds a beautiful space and her work enables me to drop into a deep process of healing and growth. It is also a wonderful arena to connect with like-hearted individuals and I always find participating to be very re-energizing and a lot of fun." (Gavin Sher, Filmmaker)

"Petra is a very perceptive and inspiring facilitator.  Her choice of music makes my heart and soul dance, enriching my life." (Hanna Grotepass  -  Synchronization Harmonics practitioner, Homeopath and Medical doctor)

"I found the session an amazing way to start the day.  It was both different and engaging but more importantly I think took us all to places we don’t usually venture in our literal, logical, academic, box-shaped world.  I found myself using my other senses that are so often ignored or side-lined, communicating in ways that didn’t involve speech, seeing others in different ways, anticipating through paying attention to someone else’s body and movement in a quite different way to the usual rushed verbal stuff, and very much delving into parts of myself that are usually hidden and pushed aside.  Some of what we did at first was slightly uncomfortable, in the way that getting out something that’s gone rusty from lack of use is a bit embarrassing, and involved exposing parts of myself I tend to (maybe am also conditioned to) keep more hidden.  As we went on it became more fluid for me and I felt more and more at ease and towards the end felt myself to be in quite a different place to when I started.  Grounded, calm, more aware and open as if something that was all scrunched up had unfolded.   With our eyes closed, visualising all our past people and happenings that led up to yesterday I was for once fully there (no thoughts of urgent email/what needs doing on the allotment/who’s birthday I’m in danger of missing that so often crowd in as soon as there is space).   I could clearly see my family - especially my dear mum - my community, friends and colleagues past and present and felt quietly happy and supported." (Jane, participant in a facilitated session at a team retreat)

"Thank you for bringing your soulful work to our land. You held a beautiful space with such tenderness, feeling and respect for our collective shedding and emerging. So grateful for your work." (Inge, Transitions workshop)

"Thank you, dear Petra, for holding the space so gently and facilitating the review of 2013 and the inquiry into our intentions for 2014 . It was enriching and meaningful." (participant at Transitions workshop)

"I very much enjoyed the session you ran and felt you did a great job of harnessing people’s energy and setting a positive tone for the day. For me, it also generated a sense of warmth, acceptance and perspective. It also helped to assert a notion that everyone participating was unique and had something unique to offer, without the barriers of hierarchy. On a practical level I think the written cards you used at the beginning were very effective, and I liked the way we worked independently, in small and in larger numbers when responding to your suggestions. Thanks so much for facilitating our wake up call!" (Carol, participant at facilitated session at a team retreat)


What people say
What people say