What happens at a Moving into Connection class?

Movement Medicine is a free conscious dance practice so there are no steps, nothing to get right or wrong. No previous experience is required- if you have a body that moves, then you are a dancer!

Usually, the class starts with a warm up where you are welcome to do whatever you need to arrive in the space, connect with yourself and get your body warmed up in preparation for the class. This might include deepenng your breath, stretching, meditating, moving gently or strongly to the music that is playing. Often, we then spend some time awakening the dancer, the part of us that knows how to move with whatever life brings. We broaden our dance ‘vocabulary’ through simple practices that awaken our body, bring our mind into the body and encourage us to connect with the felt embodied experience of the present moment. We then move deeper into our dance, perhaps with a particular theme or through a specific Movement Medicine practice. Throughout, the invitation is to find your own unique dance to the music and the teacher’s guidance, to let this be a moving meditation, to say yes to whatever arises and to take the opportunity to bring into expression all that lives in you.


Please wear comfortable loose clothing that you can easily move in. Layers work well so that you can keep warm/cool down as needed. Dancing barefoot is ideal, but comfortable flexible indoor shoes that don’t leave marks are also welcome. For your own safety, please do not dance in socks.

Bring water to keep yourself hydrated- please consider bringing/buying a reusable bottle for the sake of the environment.

Please arrive on time, ideally at least 10 minutes before the official start of the class. The space will be open with music playing about 15 minutes before the start time and you are welcome to warm up then. Once in the space, please let go of conversation to help yourself and others connect with the dance.

Please take good care of your body by moving in a way that respects your health and your body's limitations.

All classes, workshops and events are drug and alcohol free environments.

What you can expect
What you can expect