Elemental Beings

Elemental Beings: Connect to (your) Nature

Elemental Beings events are creative explorations in the beauty and peace of nature. You can think of it as a meditative walk with a difference, an invitation to explore the elements within and around, travelling through tthe outer as well as our own inner landscapes.  We work with movement (walking and mindful movement meditations), writing, art making, playful partner work, quiet time alone and together, seeking the wisdom of nature as our teacher, guide and mirror and (re)connecting to our own nature. Fine-tuning our senses through simple creative and playful practices, we learn to listen more deeply, with our whole bodies, to life’s ongoing conversation with us as it expresses itself through the earth, air, sun and water around and within us. Connecting to the creative force of nature, we tap into our own creativity and the medicine of deep connection with self, other and the community of life.

What participants say:

“I have lived my whole life disconnected from nature and from myself. And that despite having spent time to study in depth complex systems, be very concerned about the "sustainable development", contribute to environmental organizations and vote for green parties. Five years ago I started dancing and everything changed. The connection with my body brought me another quality of perception and with that, I began to consider myself as a part of the network of life. To feel really living connections.

The work we did with you made me feel very good. I really liked the design of the experience, with simple elements of observation, but at the same time very powerful. Since then I do not stop listening to the birds, I even find myself staring at them for minutes. The trees have also acquired another presence. I feel much more connected, with myself and with the rest of the species.” (Blanca Miedes, participant in Elemental Beings at Schumacher College, March 2018)


Elemental Beings