Transitions: A Movement Medicine dance and ritual workshop for the new year

This annual workshop is an invitation to create a meaningful transition from the old into the new year. Through dance, ritual, writing and other creative practices we  take time to review, digest and honour the old year, allow ourselves to arrive in the present moment and move, feel and dream into the year ahead, planting the seeds and laying good foundations. You can expect to

* Spend time digesting, honouring and extracting learning from the past year
* Have the opportunity and support to let go of what is no longer needed
* Create a strong vision for the year ahead and
* Clarify practical next steps for living your dreams

What participants say:

"I participated in Petra's Transitions 2019 workshop... This was very out of comfort zone for me, but the weekend of dance, reflection and sharing with a wonderful group of people, and the superb leading by Petra, was a mind- and body-shifting experience. The creative juices are flowing in ways that would not have been possible without this Movement Medicine experience. Thank you, Petra. I am on my way to flying my kite up high into 2019!" (Tina James, Transitions participant 2019)"

A huge heartfelt thank you for facilitating the Transitions workshop so beautifully. I hadn’t taken the time to reflect on the year that was nor made intentions for the new year; and in the dance so much become clear and I could run the messages through my body. And my body knows the truth - when something feels good I know I’m on the right path. A very unexpected message came through while dancing and that realization gave me such an enormous sense of space in my body that I instantly knew that I had to honour that and adjust my path. So Transitions changed my plans for 2018 for the better and I’m deeply grateful for that." (Meret Storck-Matchett, Body Intelligence Teacher & Studio Owner)

"Transitions was such an extraordinary way to start a new year, setting intentions, moving through processes through dance and what ended up being the beginning of an incredibly beautiful year of Sacred Feminine Healing. Petra held the space with exquisite beauty and grace and I'm deeply grateful." (Tina Bester, Transitions participant 2018)