The Big Picture

The Big Picture: Inspiration for our Times

Conscious Cinema: Screening of films that offer pertinent wisdom and insights for the times we find ourselves in, ranging from indigenous wisdom, climate change, the bees, to movement and music as healing, to community action to create a better world for all…

The invitation is to stay on after the films, for sharing and connecting in community, to discuss the issues, our experience and the relevance of what we have seen for our own lives.

The intention behind The Big Picture is to offer films that inspire us and to connect with each other through the shared experience of moving in our bodies and being moved by what we see, and through this to build connection and community to support us in our lives and to encourage us together to find new ways to live, be, act which are in alignment with and help to contribute to the co-creation of the more beautiful sustainable just and fulfilling world we wish to live in.

Big Picture events are non-profit: All proceeds go to charities that are in some way related to the films.

The Big Picture