Matija Milostnik

Matija Milostnik

Matija Milostnik
Apprentice Teacher

Professional Training:

2012 - 2013

Based in:
Slovenia, honored to travel around

Working location:

About Matija

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All MM teachers in Slovenia: Anda Perdan, Mojca Šoštarko an Matija Milostnik, have decided to join forces to offer regular classes.

More detail on the the FB website below.

Specialising in:

Working with everyone, not only the athletic or sporty


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13 Sep 2019
25 Jul 2020
19:30 - 22:00
every 2 weeks




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Mark Boylan teacher in School of Movement Medicine is coming to Slovenia.
He has been teaching Movement Medicine for 11 years
and 5 Rhythms for 15 years. Mark is Faculty of the
School of Movement Medicine and teaches on both
the School’s apprenticeship programme and
professional training.

Living in the modern world can mean a profound and painful sense of disconnection from our natural selves and from nature. When we allow ourselves, humans are intensely wild beings. We come from the wild songs of the earth but are tamed by technology, routines, and mental enclosures of do and don’t. Many of us crave time in parks, in forests, with trees, lakes and rivers and in mountains because we need what is wild.
Even the world ‘wild’ has been colonised – so it has come to mean something crazy, fiery, dangerous and fast.
But the inner wilderness is a vast landscape with places of tender softness and calm havens, as well as soaring peaks and rushing waters.
In this weekend we will remember how to listen deeply to our inner body wisdom and embrace in movement our animal flesh, blood and bones. We will tune into, and express, our embodied hearts. Experiencing the ever changing dance of our emotions reminds us of our instinctive capacity to live passionately. Turning our awareness outwards supports deepening our interconnection with the world. Through movement and dance, waking up our awareness can bring a stronger sense of being at home in our bodies and in our lives.

WEEKEND WORKSHOP f 10-12th May including Friday night event

VENUE: KLUB JEDRO, Cesta ob Sori 15, 1215 Medvode

PRICE:€110 if paid in full by 20.4.2019. €130 thereafter. €25 Friday only

Schedule: Fri: 19h-21.30h Sat: 11h- 18h Sun: 10h-17h


Dance found me in a strange way.

When I was little I didnt really dance. Nor was I an atletic person. Even less I was interested in physical activities.
At school for example, during soccer I choose to be the goalkeeper, just because I didn't have to run around. That was my level of engagement with me and my physical body.

And so life got on and on. Until one day I was on a self improvement workshop and I saw a recording of 5R. It was a video and we danced along. Something was seeded there.

And so life got on again. Until a dear friend send me an email with all what was needed to know about dancing in my city. And surprisingly I went. When the student is ready, not only the teacher will show, but circumstances will aggregate to push you into it. It couldn't have been differently.

So I started the 5R adventure, and I started to dance. So life got on dancing again.

Along the way out of 5R Movement Medicine was born. And I danced along the edge of both for a long time.

One remarkable day I was sitting at the wall facing the dancers of a 5R event and I got the message the universe was sending me all along. There are always some bumps in different dancing paths, but the only dancing path that was really enfolding right before my eyes was the Movement Medicine path. So I embraced it.

And life got on teaching me Movement Medicine. So here I stand now as a teacher of this knowledge, sharing it with all that have affinity to it and embrace it.

And I am grateful life got on and on and showed me the path along.