Concerns and Conflicts

We have MMA protocols for dealing with interpersonal conflicts, complaints, grievances and disciplinary matters. The Protocols offer robust and comprehensive procedures that enable us to respond positively in these challenging situations.

Our hope and intention, as an association, is to transform our relationship with conflict, to befriend it and become skilled participant facilitators of our conflicts and thereby enrich our relationships with our selves, with our colleagues and especially with the participants at our workshops and events.

To help with this we have a growing collection of conflict facilitation micro-practices for both association members and complainants to use. Some are movement based, drawn from our Movement Medicine practice, others are from different paradigms and use modalities other than movement.

We find that most conflicts can be facilitated using these techniques. We also have a small team of experienced, external facilitators to call on in exceptional circumstances where extra support is needed. 

There are all sorts of causes of conflict. It may happen between student and teacher, facilitator and participant, or between colleagues. Whatever the reason, if you are in conflict, and you need support, please do contact the Conflict Transformation Guardian as above.

MMA teachers and facilitators endeavour to offer Movement Medicine with the highest level of respect, integrity and service. We are committed to a Code of Ethics that lays down professional and ethical standards for our work and it is it is our intention and our hope that participants will have a positive experience.

If however, you have a difficult experience at a Movement Medicine event, and believe that the teacher/facilitator has not lived up to our Code of Ethics, we invite you to first to communicate with the teacher/facilitator about this and hopefully, they will be able to resolve the issue directly.  If that is not possible and you end up not feeling heard or understood, and if you feel this is a serious matter, please contact the association so we can then help facilitate a resolution. We aim to make an initial response to any contact within ten days.

Please email for help with concerns or conflicts.

Thank you.

The MMA Code of Ethics is available to view here

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