Qualified Teacher and Facilitator

Qualification: June 2019

Professional Training: 2016

Apprenticeship: 2014 - 2016

Based in: South West France : Basque Country and all France

Working location: France, Belgium and internationally

Contact details:

Phone: +33 6 87 78 62 83
Mobile: +33 6 87 78 62 83


About Anne Ena

I've been teaching Dance as the best way to know ourself and to transform what keep us back from our full being from 30 years. Yoga Teacher. Mind-body-heart therapist.

some of my main subjects in my offerings are :

- Personal initiation path & Prof Training to Body Language through Movement

- The Phoenix  power of transformtation:
   caring and managing trauma, getting out of victimization

- One to one sessions

-  Movement foundations & instinctiv coordinations in the Dance

With Movement Medicine and "Les 9 Souffles", a school of Body Language created with my husband, I accompany people on a personal journey of initiation and sustained over time. The dance that I teach develops a precise knowledge of the dialogue with the body, of its different zones through which it speaks to us and its power to reconnect with the universal forces that sustain and fulfil us. Poetry, drawing, writing, listening with the hands extends the natural expression of movement. I give one to one personnal and supervions sessions.

co-autour of "Les Cartes du Corps" (Body cards) ed : "Souffle d'Or"

and  French free Audio mp3 of 10 Morning Dance Sessions tought online : inscription:

regular format of my teaching:

        .  Evening Dances online

2 days or one day Workshops everywhere in France, switzerland, belgium,

Conferences + evening classes before workshops

5 days wokshop : with 3 themes: "personal power & emotions", "creativity & sxual energy", "the transformative power of the Phoenix"

6 or 9 days workshop : Personnal Initiation Path - Profesional trainings (Les 9 Souffles) in south west of France.


Specialising in:

Phoenix Intensive workshop          
Personal Initiatic Path
Prof Training Body Language
Training Movement Fundamentals
Tools for children dance

Levels of training:

Levels of training: CPD1 (Heart & SEER), CPD3 (Phoenix), CPD4 (Initiation)


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