Johanna Salm-Stromeyer

Johanna Salm-Stromeyer

Apprentice Teacher

Professional Training: 2016

Apprenticeship: 2014 - 2015

Based in: London, UK

Working location: England and internationally

Contact details:


About Johanna

Johanna was born in Salzburg/Austria 1974 and has been living in London since 1998. She is married to Clemens Stromeyer who grew up in London and enjoys the mixture of german correctness and english humour. They have ason who is nearly 21 years old, called Fernando and a dog called flecky.


Since 2004 Johanna works as an Interior Designer, now exploring facilitation of Movement Medicine within this profession. Johanna loves working with people 1-2-1 and to support them in creating loving environments inwhich their persona can feel home. Her motto has always been: "Interiors, I will make them dance".



Anne Roques, founder and director of Evolution Coaching Europe LTD shares: "Johanna has been guding me successfully on making my flat mine, honouring my European taste, being down to earth and pragmatic when necessary and bringing her expertise at many levels inlcuding dance medicine when I was stuck. Great to have her next to me for the last 6 months! Highly recommend"


You can contact her directly on, or on +447881951092



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Specialising in:

1-2-1 Facilitation of Movement Medicine in Interior Design and co-creating harmonous living spaces
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