Johanna Stromeyer

Johanna Stromeyer

Qualified Facilitator

Qualification: November 2022

Professional Training: 2016

Apprenticeship: 2014 - 2015

Based in: London, UK

Working location: England, Austria and internationally

Contact details:

Mobile: 07881951092

About Johanna

Johanna was born in Salzburg/Austria in 1974 and is living in London/UK since 1997.


Dance has been one of her passions since a little girl; creating with fabrics the other. Bringing these two together is what has made her create her own company back in 2004, called Johanna Salm Interiors LTD




Thanks to her 11 year long studies of Movement Medicine she has a unique way of working with energies in a room and supporting her clients in cocreating welcoming and dancing spaces.


We are all unique and so are our interiros and homes. Johannas passion is to bring these alive.




Anne Roques, founder and director of Evolution Coaching Europe LTD shares: "Johanna has been guding me successfully on making my flat mine, honouring my European taste, being down to earth and pragmatic when necessary and bringing her expertise at many levels inlcuding dance medicine when I was stuck. Great to have her next to me for the last 6 months! Highly recommend"


You can contact her directly on, or on +447881951092



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Specialising in:

1-2-1 Facilitation of Movement Medicine in Interior Design to make your  Interiors dance

Levels of training:

Continuous Professional Development Level 1 Advanced Training in working with the Heart and the SEER Process (Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval)
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