Benjamin Tree

Benjamin Tree

Qualified Teacher and Facilitator

Qualification: May 2021

Professional Training: 2018

Apprenticeship: 2016 - 2018

Based in: Devon

Working location: England

Contact details:

Mobile: 07969 042396

About Benjamin

I bring my deep love of the Earth, our species, and all life to my work.

I’m profoundly aware of where we find ourselves at this pivotal time in history, and the importance of showing up to the challenging opportunities we face individually and collectively.

To support this journey I bring this awareness to my offerings as a Movement Medicine teacher and facilitator.

As a teacher, I hold regular classes both on and offline. I also collaborate with teachers and organisers from Movement Medicine, Ecstatic Dance, festivals, and other dance events.

As a facilitator, I integrate the maps and practices into my breath-focused work called Embodied Breathwork. I work with a technique called conscious connected breathing, where you are guided to breathe with the inhale and exhale connected. This simple technique and my focus on embodiment and integration means that the work is grounded as well as expansive, and can be effectively integrated into daily life.



Specialising in:

Embodied Breathwork: I work with Movement Medicine and Breathwork to create a safe space to access the innate intelligence of the body and breath. With this holding and the potency of these combined modalities there is the invitation and support to release that which no longer serves and create space for insight and inspir


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