Benjamin Tree

Benjamin Tree

Apprentice Teacher

Professional Training: 2018

Apprenticeship: 2016 - 2018

Based in: Devon

Working location: England

Contact details:

Email: Benjamin Tree
Mobile: 07969 042396

About Benjamin

I bring my deep love of the Earth, our species and all life to my work.

I’m profoundly aware of where we find ourselves at this pivotal time in history, and the importance of showing up the challenging opportunities we face individually and collectively.

To support this journey I bring this awareness to my offerings as an Apprentice Movement Medicine Teacher and Facilitator.

Beginning in 2021 I'll continue my 'Dancing the Mandala' series online.

In first quarter dances we'll be completing the journey through the Mandala started in 2020. All dances are held at 10am UK time bi-weekly on Saturdays and last 2 hours 15 minites :

FULFILLMENT - 9 Jan 2021


REALISATION - 6 Feb 2021

SELF - 20 Feb 2021

OTHER - 6 Mar 2021

COMMUNITY - 20 Mar 2021

ANCESTORS - 3 Apr 2021

SOURCE - 17 Apr 2021

PHOENIX - 1 May 2021


Specialising in:

As a Movement Medicine facilitator I integrate the maps and practices into my breath focused work calledListen Within Breathwork. Where I hold one-to-one Breathwork sessions, group Breathing Circles and Embodied Breathwork practices to support people to resource, release and restore through the power of the breath. I have been holding one-to-one and group breathwork sessions for many years and I've been dreaming on how to integrate the two streams of my work of embodiment and breathwork
Embodied Breathwork
Nature connection



Dancing the Mandala online series
Benjamin Tree
09-01-2021 every 2 weeks on Saturday
Online, England
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