Mira K. Dittrich

Mira K. Dittrich

Apprentice Teacher

Qualification: September 2018

Professional Training: 2018

Apprenticeship: 2017 - 2018

Based in: Krefeld, Colonge

Working location: Germany

Contact details:

Email: kd.sonnenschein@gmx.net
Website: www.Tanzwandel.com
Website: Facebook : Movement Medicine, Tanz Dich



About Mira K.

Already in my childhood I loved the dance and my ballet school. At 16, I started giving my first dance lessons.

1995, through the first book and the music of Gabrielle Roth, I got to know the 5 rhythms and the conscious dance, which deeply influenced my life. This Dance and the body therapy and the dancetheater filled my life. My work as a gymnastics teacher with focus on dance and moto pedagogue deepened with it. Later I did my apprenticeship as a speech therapist.

As a speech therapist my professional knowledge deepened to the Medicin area and my concept of healing got a foundation.

When I met Movement Medicine in 2008, everything has come together. Deep dreaming, deep connection, dance, healing, creativity and spirituality. So grateful to bring this work into the world now.

Specialising in:

Dance, Therapy, Bodywork , Speech therapist,


Facebook : Movement Medicine, Tanz Dich

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