Keef 'Kailash' Wesolowski-Miles

Qualified Teacher

Qualification: June 2014

Professional Training: 2011

Apprenticeship: 2009 - 2011

Based in: Brecon Beacons (Wales) and Brazil

Working location: England, Brazil and internationally

Contact details:

Phone: 07834703127
Mobile: +447834703127


About Keef 'Kailash'

I am a father, husband, son and I am a brother. I am a perfectly imperfect human and a student of life, fatherhood, relationship and shamanism. I am a poet, shamanic dancer, master of ceremonies and an awestruck devotee of the magnificence of life on Planet Earth. I am a 'Son of the Sun' apprentice of XamAM Alba Maria (Terra Mirim, Bahia, Brazil). I am a first generation MOVEMENT MEDICINE Teacher. I work with many medicines.I offer 1-1 Movement, Medicine and Mentoring - with integrity, passion and humour grounded in 25 years of personal growth, shamanism, yoga, men's work, Movement Medicine, community facilitation and ceremonial leadership. I also work with Shamanic Groups and Community: Men’s Circles, Workshops, Retreats and Collaborative Gatherings - as Awakening The Wild and Bridging Worlds. My soul song comes through Visionary Poetry and Prose.

Specialising in:

MEN. Brothers. Fathers as Sun - 'Shining our light for our children'
Embodied Soul Retreats
Sweat Lodge
Community Collaborations
1-1 Mentoring



Mentoring, Medicine and Movement / Deep Dive Embodied Soul
Keef 'Kailash' Wesolowski-Miles
27-03-2021 on Monday
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