Susannah Darling Khan

Susannah Darling Khan


Based in: South Devon UK

Working location: England and internationally

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Updated 1.4.2020:

Given this particular Coronavirus moment in time Ya'Acov and Susannah,the founders of Movement Medicine, are creating an online study hub for Movement Medicine called 21Gratitudes for those who want to learn, practice and become part of a global movement of transformation. For more detail, go to:

The doors are open to those ready to become founder members on 10th April 2020. and the doors close on 18th April 2020, and the adventure begins. For everyone, members and non members alike, there are a series of free and by donation online events over the next months. 

She also runs from whcih you can access music and guided journeys for movement medicine practice. 

The School of Movement Medicine was created in 2007 by the founders of Movement Medicine, Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan. They teach a wide variety of workshops, including introductory Move! evenings, online webinars, weekend workshops, in depth intensives, and the Apprenticeship Programme, Professional Training and ongoing CPD.

Susannah is famous for her combination of warmth and clarity, humour and intelligence, gentleness and fierceness. She approaches life with a "why not?" attitude which opens doors and widens possibility. Her care for the earth and the whole web of life, and for each element of it shine through her life. She has created many CDs to support her and Ya'Acov's work which are available from the Music Medicine Shop:  Her favourite advice (which comes from both Arvo Part and Clint Eastwood and she occasionally manages to take personally) is: "take your work totally seriously, and yourself, not seriously at all".


Specialising in:

Voice and movement, song and healing, interoception and the power of physical, intuitive knowing. Polyvagal theory as applied to working with wild ponies and oursevles.The development of empathy as a key to the evolution of our species. The links between neuroscience, movement practice, indigenous wisdom. Ourselves as part of the web of life, as mammals. The "joy stream" as a resource. Remebering awe. The power of music. The heart and the art of what may be possible.



Dancing together! Details to be decided.
Susannah Darling Khan
aarau, Switzerland
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