Ali Young

Ali Young

Qualified Teacher

Qualification: January 2016

Professional Training: 2013

Apprenticeship: 2012 - 2013

Based in: Devon

Working location: England

Contact details:

Mobile: 07858424133


About Ali


I first began dancing with Ya'acov and Susannah in 1991,  working extensively with both them and Gabrielle Roth for 23 years before training as a teacher with The School of Movement Medicine 

I began my adult working life as a performer before running a business working with healing and creativity for several years. I then trained as a social worker and immediately afterwards as a family therapist, working in the NHS with children, young people and families with mental health issues for over a decade. I left a couple of years after the birth of my now 16 year old son to follow my calling ever deeper into the wilds, training as a shamanic practitioner with The Sacred Trust.  

From childhood onwards, the dancing path has always woven it's way in and out of the  fabric of my life. In 2009 it led me to funding from Exeter University Business School to research The School of Movement Medicine in the process of writing a PhD thesis entitled Re-embodying Leadership through a Re-Examination of the Sacred.  I was awarded my doctorate at the start of 2015, having conducted an anthropological study of the Movement Medicine community over a five year period. I was the co-chair of the Movement Medicine Association with Rob Porteous for a year and am now employed by the School as a mentor for apprentices and professionals in training. I am presently doing my MM teaching at Iron Mill College an independent educational establishment training counsellors and therapists. I have a special interest in promoting self-care and embodimet pracices amongst counselors and therapists. I also offer one to one work, currently online.

I have been teaching and mentoring others in MM for over six years now. Most recently I have become involved in Positive Deep Adaptation work for climate emergency and have been offering some embodied explorations of the 4 R's of PDA...As a response to the BLM movement and the call in our own community to commit to dismantling white privilege and racism I have been studying somatic abolition with Karine Bell at Rooted and doing anti-racism training with Nonty Sabic.


Specialising in:

 Deep Adaptation for Climate Emergency, Collapse and Rapid Change  
Soul Coaching
Self-Care for Carers
Shamanic Healing

Levels of training:

Ali has completed Levels 1 and 2 of MM CPD Training - Heart and Seer and working with Ritual


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